5 ideas for travelers during a state of emergency

 5 ideas for travelers during a state of emergency


Yes, the quarantine over the spread of COVID-19 has imposed another reality on all of us, unknown until now. Locked away in our homes, we do not have the opportunity to travel, but we can use the time to make it more enjoyable and enjoyable. Especially for all passionate travelers, we have come up with useful ideas in one place for how to make your days more colorful, inspired and meaningful.

1. Take a virtual journey

Yes, a month ago it would have seemed strange to us, but not now. Do you know that through Google Earth we can "tour the world"? The experience is realistic thanks to 3D rendering of the Earth, taken with a huge number of high shots. Through the platform you can take a virtual walk to whatever point you decide.

2. Draw your future plans

Dreams have no expiration date! Roll up your sleeves and figure out which fabulous places you want to visit without setting a time limit for it. In fact, you can use Google maps to note which places you want to visit. It is wonderful that not only cities but also landmarks, places of interest and all kinds of interesting attractions can be marked. This way you will have quick access to a tourist map with all the interesting places for you to visit in the future!

3. Begin to follow travel blogs

If you like to travel, now is the time to enrich your knowledge. There are so many travel blogs on the internet that colorful stories can take you to great, exotic places. Additionally, if you are hesitant about your next destination or have already chosen one, but can't make the hiking trip yourself - travel blogs are why. Through them you will learn useful information about beautiful places, lifestyle, customs, culture and will be inspired by photos and interesting events.

An Idea from us - Learn About the Wonderful State of Bhutan! It boasts a number of interesting facts that will spark your curiosity. Here are some of them: they have no traffic lights, they have a ministry of happiness and there are no homeless people on the streets. Did we intrigue you?
4.Browse the famous museums online

Yes, it is possible to touch art even when we are at home. Many famous museums around the world offer online tours for people who want to view their exhibits from a distance. And in today's situation, it turns out to be a great solution. Here is a useful selection of links to links that will immerse you in another dimension - the majestic art:

Louvre, France - https://www.youvisit.com/tour/louvremuseum

Museum of History, Washington, USA - https://naturalhistory.si.edu

Vatican Museum, Italy -


Museum of Art, New York -


British Museum, England - https://britishmuseum.withgoogle.com

 5. Stay positive!

Despite the epidemiological situation, stay positive! It is crucial for health that you do not let anxiety and black thoughts overwhelm you. Take a break from the news, meditate, listen to good music, read a great book, or watch an inspiring movie - there are many methods. It is important to find the one that works for you! And yes - follow our posts, because we will walk you virtually in beautiful places where, even for a little while, you will be detached from reality.

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